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Consew P1541S-CC. Image 1  Consew P1541S-CC. Image 2 

P1541S-CC walking foot compound feed industrial sewing machine with Table and Servo Motor.

One of the most advanced machines. Has several upgraded features that madke it stand above other machines. Advanced walking foot motion to avoid gathering, Built-In Synchronizer Hub, large hand wheel and more features that make this machine work like a dream. It has the same features as Juki 1541S plus the improvements.
 Your Price:  $2,095.00  

Great for Auto, Marine, Upholstery, Leather, Canvas and other applications.
Comes with Table and Servo Motor
Comes unassembled in boxes, customer assembly required.
Item Description:
Consew P1541S-CC is advanced walking foot compound feet sewing machine. Incorporated advanced features significantly improved sewing ability, walking foot motion, material handling and other parts of sewing process.

Features include:

- Automatic Lubrication System                                        - Large Horizontal Automatically Oiled Hook
- Needle Frame Stabilizer                                                  - Barrel-type Slip Bearing Safety Clutch
- High Needle Bar Stroke                                                   - High Presser Foot Lift
- Quick Release Knee Presser Pedal                             - Easy dial-adjustable stitch regulator
- Reverse            - Large Side-Loaded Bobbin               - Built-In Bobbin Winder
- Built-In Synchronizer Hub                                                 - Hanged Face Plate
- Improved feeding motion for all thicknesses of materials without gathering
- Adjustable Take-Up Guide for thread loop timing       - Adjustable Climbing Device      
- Lower thread guide with tension                                    - Large Hand Wheel


- Speed, Max. (S.P.M.): 2800  *Speed depends on thread, material and operation.
- Presser Foot Lift:   By Hand- 23/64" (9 mm)   /   By Knee- 5/8" (16 mm)
- Needle Bar Stroke: 1-27/64" (36 mm)
- Stitch Length, Max:  2.8 s.p.i. (9 mm)
- Work Space:  10-1/4" x 3-15/16" (260 x 100 mm)
- Needle:  135 x 17


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